Chapter 43/Page 18

I have heard many times over and over again that our life is what we make it. I agree. How about you?

As 2020 was coming to an end, and now initiating a new year, I have taken more time than usual to do a self analysis. To understand where I am in life, and what I need to achieve to be where I want to be. Accepting the trials and errors of my past 43 years of life is priceless. Understanding that although everything did not unfold perfectly in my life, it cannot be undone or changed.

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So…as I look forward, I will take a seat and refocus from an author’s perspective. I will think wisely about life choices, keeping in mind that whatever happens today will fill the content of the page; hence the title of this post. I am 43 years old and today is Junuary 18th. I am in Chapter 43/page 18. Each chapter will be 365 pages which will relate to every day of the year. What chapter and page are you in right now?

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Wow! What happened in the last 42 chapters of my life? It seems like a lot of content should have been recorded, yet my memories don’t feel sufficient to justify so many pages; and just like that, life continues without stopping and we are so caught up with life struggles that we forget to focus on ourselves. My plan moving forward is to remember that I hold the ink that writes my story. It is only I that can control what and how the story goes. Although life will have its curveballs, more than often, we will be faced with decisions that will take us to the next page.

Be thankful, be humble, be loyal, be wise. You own your story, fill in the pages.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”-Scott Adams

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