U.S. Presidential debate 2020-What a disaster!!!

Three days ago on September 29, 2020 a very awaited presidential debate took place in Ohio- Trump Vs. Biden. This was the first debate of the season and it was a little nerve wrecking to anticipate the outcome of such confrontation. With such a large division between democrats and republicans, the joke of Trump not wearing his mask or perhaps not even attending after the discovery of his tax evasion for many years, were rumored and laughed about by the democrats. On the other side of this coin, republicans joked about Biden forgetting to attend this debate to the lack of memory he has been targeted for- then came those undecided who just listened…

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I ran home from work that day because missing just a minute of this debate would be unforgivable. I am not into politics or identify myself as such, but I do believe in becoming informed and practicing my right to vote for a better future. I believe in rights! I believe in the constitution, and equality for genders and race. I believe my vote can make a difference for my daughters’ future. This is why presidential debates are so important. Because it is no longer a commercial, but a face to face battle that should be well controlled and informative.

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This 2020 debate was everything BUT controlled and informative. It was over 90 mins of a very uncontrolled man who deviated many of the important topics and focused on disrespecting his opponent and the moderator. This was Trump! Many of us were in “awe” by witnessing his behavior. It reminded me of those school bullies I warn my kids about. It was a disgrace to see his lack of professionalism and hunger for power, yet… he showed very little knowledge of the chosen topics. On the other side of that stage stood Biden. A very calm and collected man who smirked through most of this fiasco and made every attempt to speak to his audience. He created a more personable approach by directing his answers to the viewers. Although most of his answers were butchered halfway by Trump, Biden attempted to answer as best he could. Biden did appear to get flustered with frustration, and at one point just told president Trump to “shut up!” This was eye opening! However, as a viewer, I was left with uncertainty. No topic was informative and not a fair chance was given to both candidates. I feel this debate was manipulated by Trump and it was a S**T show! What a disaster! What a sick joke to all the American people watching! Unfortunately there are no good candidates for this next presidential election, but I know where my vote will go.

Will You Shut Up Man Presidential Debate Joe Biden Quote T-Shirt

I am aware that everyone has the right to interpret such debate as they wish, and I am not here judging or insinuating you vote Democrat or Republican. I am simply sharing my opinion, as it is my right to do so. For those out there who are able to vote, be informed and practice your right. Every vote makes a difference and it takes just one vote cross that finish line first. Till next time!

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“Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

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