The strand she left behind

Yes, I saw it more than once.

No, I did not speak in hopes of peace.

Maybe, I should ask and and not dismiss.

Yes, I love you without doubt.

No, you cannot just justify.

Maybe, I should remind myself that I want you, yet do not need you.

Yes, I will stand strong and not get weakened,

Maybe, all I needed was to hear you cared.

No, I shall not continue when the stakes are high

Yes, I deserve to be happy

Maybe, you have learned your lesson.

“She is clothed in Strength & Dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31:25


Buscame #poesia #spanishpoetry #poem

Buscame cuando me empiezes a extrañar,
cuando la brisa del invierno toque tu piel
y sientas el frio de la soledad.

Buscame en tus sueños,
en tu memoria escondida-
quiza en esa historia yo todavia exista.

Tu lejania fue dificil,
aun recuerdo aquel "adios" que nunce diste-
Dia tras dia te pense, extanandote en mi piel
tus ojos cristalinos, tus besos sabor a miel.

No importa cuanto te extrañe,
ya este capitulo termino-
una historia inconclusa,
un adios sin adios.

Solo buscame en tus suenos,
porque solo ahi me encontraras-
las heridas han sanado,
no pienso volver atras.

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Unfinished #poetry

An open ended sentence that left so much unsaid,
our book of memories is my companion every night when I'm in bed.

Where are you now I wonder, as I look upon the moon.
Are you somewhere feeling lonely, are you thinking of me too?

The ending to the story, that we once began to write-
has left so many blank pages due to the constant fight.

It doesn't matter now who was wrong or who is right,
because without you by my side, my day is no longer bright.

Another night of open questions, with no response and no reply,
the ending to our story, not a finale, but a good-bye.

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