It’s Christmas, and it’s bitter sweet!

It is officially ten days till Christmas and mother nature seems uncertain as to what season we are in. Here in the north east coast we are enjoying a rollercoaster of temperatures. One day it is super cold and the wind is blowing everything in sight, and the next morning it is a beautiful sunny day in the low sixties; memoires of a perfect spring day.

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As I sit here on my computer writing, I feel a sense of relief for being able to somehow share what is on my mind. Low lights, the smell of savory hot coffee and the Christmas jingles playing low in the background. My Christmas tree is up and some bright lights accents shadow my windows. I have some gifts under the tree and my children are happy; yet I feel bitter sweet. The usual anticipation of the holidays remain the same for young children. Its amazing how they manage to keep that jolly spirit in the midst of it all.

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It has been a very challenging year for everyone, and I feel very blessed for what 2020 has given us. I was given the opportunity spend so much time with my children, and this is priceless. I lost my job during this pandemic, and so did many, but fortunately we managed to stay afloat and not alter our lifestyle. This was a changing moment for me, as I was able to pursue my passion in real estate. Now, this is my next chapter, and I am excited. I am thankful for a warm place to sleep and warm food on our table. It is the essentials that matter most, and these we did not lack. Our family and ourselves were exposed to Covid as well, yet I am thankful we did not loose anyone. Homeschooling was a tremendous challenge for everyone and somehow we have learned to adapt.

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I think of Christmas and I want to be blissful, but it is not easy. I see the troubles with so many families and it saddens me to feel impotent in not being able to offer them relief. I want to be jolly, but the sadness that is in the air is too strong to ignore. I take a deep breath in and remember how blessed we are, and then again I smile.

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink” – Gina Carey

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