From “flat” to “FAB”- 6 weeks to a bigger butt.

I remember having a pretty good figure growing up: always athletic and active. My jeans always seem to fit nicely over my figure and I was proud.

It was after the birth of my first child that my body took a different direction, and I was not happy. One of the major changes I had was loosing definition and volume on my glutes. I had no idea this was even possible-but it sure is.

Below I will share with you a few exercises that will bring back the shape and volume to your glutes. The more consistency you have the better the result. I can vouch for that. I am very happy with my rear curves now a days, and it was so easy. You can do it too! Do this routine 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Every exercise should be done at a slow pace. Speed is not recommended for best results. (please note I do not own any rights to the images below. I am using these as a visual aid)

10 Minute Butt Lift & Sculpt Workout | The Banks Method: Pilates, Barre, and Ballet Fusion

Squats – 2o Reps daily: make sure you keep your back aligned and squeeze those buns at every rise.

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Lunges – 20 Reps daily(per leg): make sure your back is aligned for better posture.

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BalanceFrom Go Yoga All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap, Green, One Size (BFGY-AP6GR)

Donkey Kicks – 2o Reps daily(per leg): make sure you keep your arms and back straight.

Bridge – 20 Reps daily: Make sure you tighten your tummy muscles and squeeze your buns when you rise your hips.

Renoj Booty Bands, Exercise Bands for Legs and Butt, Resistance Bands Set【3 Levels】

“The key to success is consistency” – Zak Frazer

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