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…and so time will tell!

I have heard this phrase so many times, it is practically engraved in me. More often than not, this is what is said when things seem unpredictable-with the hopes of everything unfolding as “it should.” We embrace hope in so many ways, and this is good. I know it is not easy to find the…

The strand she left behind

Yes, I saw it more than once. No, I did not speak in hopes of peace. Maybe, I should ask and and not dismiss. Yes, I love you without doubt. No, you cannot just justify. Maybe, I should remind myself that I want you, yet do not need you. Yes, I will stand strong and…

Chapter 43/Page 18

I have heard many times over and over again that our life is what we make it. I agree. How about you? As 2020 was coming to an end, and now initiating a new year, I have taken more time than usual to do a self analysis. To understand where I am in life, and…

It’s Christmas, and it’s bitter sweet!

It is officially ten days till Christmas and mother nature seems uncertain as to what season we are in. Here in the north east coast we are enjoying a rollercoaster of temperatures. One day it is super cold and the wind is blowing everything in sight, and the next morning it is a beautiful sunny…


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About Me

Hi! I am a single mom of two wonderful daughters living in the north east coast of the U.S. I am very successful in my career within the healthcare industry and although life has always been challenging, I have always managed to stay motivated. I have enjoyed freelance writing ever since I can remember. It has taken me so long to finally share my writing and ideas with others through this blog. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on every post—Life is not easy, but it is up to us to create our own path.

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